GPS, barometer, new processor , Apple is preparing its new Watch

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

All areas of the planet are concerned. Africa slides toward the North, to the point that the Mediterranean should be gone in 50 million years. The Himalayas is averaging a meter every thousand years. Australia, she travels every year to 7 cm northward, colliding with the Pacific plate that spins westward at a speed of 11 cm / year, as explained Dan Jaksa, Institute Australian geophysical sciences (English link). Interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (link in English), he explains that the country is on the continental plate fastest in the world. Because of these movements, in fifteen million years, it is expected to be 1000 km further north than today. In comparison, the older "ancestors" of the man known date from there seven million years.

Beyond the purely scientific, it is of practical consequences: to orient themselves in space, and we list are mapping locations using coordinates. In particular, the latitudes and longitudes, imaginary lines crisscrossing the space used by the GPS navigation system. Issue: If a point moves in this grid, it changes references. This is what happens in Australia.

So much so that the government of the country-continent puts occasionally updates its Phone Number Tracker coordinates to account for its migration north. He did it four times in fifty years. The last update, in 1994, had corrected the official position of the country of more than 200 m, said Dan Jaksa.

Since then, Australia has moved a half meters. Dan Jaksa therefore preparing a team of scientists with a new update, scheduled for early 2017. To earn some time on tectonics, this adaptation calquera actually on the coordinates qu'atteindra Australia in 2020, a twenty centimeters more than today. This new set of geographic data will be recorded as "GDA2020" for "Geocentric Datum Australia 2020".

Why now change this data, as opposed to military GPS, those for civilian use have a margin of error of three meters (link in English)? Correct this mismatch of a meter and a half may therefore seem superfluous.

But it is the emergence of autonomous vehicles, guided by the navigation system, called for it to be more precise, prompting the government to take caution. "In a not so distant future, we will be able to borrow driverless cars or, at least, autonomous said Dan Jaksa. In this case, with this fifty meter, well, you're in the middle of the road or on a different path.

The Apple Watch 2 she will experience its first hardware update before the end of the year? This is what the analyst thinks the firm KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo. It will be launched after him in the second half of this year.

According to its information reported by MacRumors, this second generation of Apple Watch would include a faster processor manufactured by TSMC, GPS, barometer, better sealing and a battery of greater capacity.

No design changes

However, the size of its screen, its thickness and its design would remain strictly identical. Another important point, no 4G connectivity is not announced by the analyst, as was foreseen by rumors.

An entry-level version would also be proposed, it would integrate only meanwhile that same new faster processor and improved sealing. The price of this model would be lowered below the current 350 euros.

Necessarily accompanied by an iPhone, connected the watch could then be presented along with the new Apple smartphone model in September. At that time, the company should also make publicly available watchOS Update 3, the demonstration at the last keynote was impressed by its speed relative to the current version.

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