With GPS through the winding streets

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The little guide in hand luggage belongs to many on a holiday trip to. But in times of apps and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is no longer so timely. Therefore, providers of travel guides change their approach.

The Mountain Wild Publishing brings out first time an interactive travel guide and tour guide. "New Zealand Live" is the book, which is equipped with a manual and a mini SD card pack. Behind the thick book hides a large digital package. The interactive guide will merge app, GPS, audio book, e-book and book.

At first glance falls on this tour guide can normally use as a book or on your smartphone, e-reader or tablet. Whether audiobook function or videos - with this guide vacationers can also prepare very different from a conventional.

The guide can be charged via mini SD card to your phone. All information is then always at hand. The same goes for GPS data of tour routes. Those who want to travel a particular route in New Zealand, can retrieve the data of interakiven Guide on his cell phone locally.

Anyone who wants to check before traveling, can also use the audio book function. Here, individual regions are presented and described by tellers. Anyone who wants to get a better picture of the target, can watch the short video reports of the various routes. The videos are indeed produced not particularly refreshing, it receives the holidaymakers but an idea of ​​what awaits him on the route. Especially on foreign routes abroad can something be advantageous.

With so many functions, the question arises: Who needs all? In some places, which is perhaps a little too much and for the classic holidaymakers are normal guide books in shape certainly the most practical. But who even want to try a different approach of the travel arrangements, which they found with this interactive copy - with almost 35 euros one must also invest a little more.

Because the city - Hardly has been sacrificed by the Mayor of company cars at the stake of Weiler austerity dive on road horizon again on adequate substitute.

One anyway looking forward to his new companions: Giuseppe "Pino" Geresi, the imperial city Chauffeur this machine. "This is a really great place to work," he says, and his eyes shine. He sits 750 hours per year on behalf of the municipal building yard in his sweeper and worries about the cleanliness of the floor covering. Clear that to his nickname "Pino" are now finding his car listening.

Once a year at least rattle the hamlet broom from every alley. And in future all traffic signs, bus stops and light poles - because Pino even has a cold-water high-pressure cleaner. For sufficient pressure in the Kepler city thus ensured by the new municipal service vehicle. We can only hope that brand new brooms sweep better really. No later than next year to be satisfied, the first really big performance by Pino. Each The last "float" ie, when large Fasnetsumzug on February 26 2017th

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